Hosting Have you just started up your online business? You’ll need a web domain to keep it up and running. Just like you’d rent a cosy boutique for a physical shop. We’re here to give you a place to run your business from your living room. When you set up your new website, you will have a small collection of files, images, and plenty of lines of code to upload. These files take up space, just like they would on a hard drive. VBR Labs is here to provide you with a highly scalable place on a web server to store all of your files. When a new happy customer goes to your website, your virtual storefront will spring right up. When you pay for hosting services, you are simply renting storage space on the internet — just like you would rent a physical store for your business. Starting from 10 EUR a month, VBR Labs offers you a tailor-made website hosting environment built to live up to the highest possible standards of resource allocation, privacy, and control.
Get your own fully isolated server that you can configure any way you wish. We host anything from single virtual machines to complex and highly scalable data solutions to be used on the host of devices needed in order to keep a good business up and running. Whether you are setting up your personal blog, a massive eCommerce platform or just want safe and secure Cloud Storage, we can come up with something just for you, with all the features you need. Check with us for a quote and get an exact price for our highly flexible hosting service bundles!