Floraria Ameli O alta aplicatie web dezvoltata pe React JS, Next JS, Redux Store si Dejango Python. De data aceasta folosind TypeScript in loc de JavaScript si GraphQL pentru query-urile trimise catre baza de date. Despre Ameli: Dintotdeauna pasionați de simbolismul și puritatea ce se găsesc în orice floare, ideea din care a prins rădăcini Florăria Ameli a înflorit după o lungă perioadă de planificare cu scopul de a aduce o parte din cutumele de odinioară mesei voastre festive.

Hosting Have you just started up your online business? You’ll need a web domain to keep it up and running. Just like you’d rent a cosy boutique for a physical shop. We’re here to give you a place to run your business from your living room. When you set up your new website, you will have a small collection of files, images, and plenty of lines of code to upload. These files take up space, just like they would on a hard drive. VBR Labs is here to provide you with a highly scalable place on a web server to store all of your files. When a new happy customer goes to your website, your virtual storefront will spring right up.

Software development VBR Labs offers software solutions for any project under the sun, whether they are to be implemented in a complex corporate environment or for the purposes of small businesses. Our offer for software development runs the gamut from applications for Microsoft Windows and Linux to mobile apps. Whether you need to port an application from one operating system or another, or need an application built from scratch, we’ve got you covered.

Watson Watson is our incredibly lightweight and unobtrusive tool made for remote access to any device on your network. Whether you’re running Microsoft Windows, MacOS or Linux workstations, Watson provides you with a dependable and highly scalable tool for controlling other devices remotely.

Veelancing is our brand-new concept aiming to change the way the freelancing modus operandi is built from the ground up. Veelancing started with the idea that experts do best when allowed room to excel and 3 passionate people that decided to do something to implement the changes we envisioned. Together with our partners and collaborators, we have spent the better part of two years shaping a vague idea into what we hope will be the start of permanent change.

Mad Casino Bonus is one of the web applications we have developed, and it’s based on Django Python, React JS, Next JS and Redux, offering a bleeding edge, bullet proof and highly scalable application, which can host millions of users at once, without modyfing a single line of code, but only scale through hardware. Let us describe a bit their project too:

Blockchain The official definition of blockchain is “a decentralized, distributed, public ledger”. This term often makes it sound a bit lofty and intentionally confusing, but it’s really not. A blockchain is actually just a collection of data storage entities, linked together to prevent tampering with any information that has been added to the blockchain. Each block contains about 1 MB of data, making a transaction capable of taking up thousands of blocks, depending on the size of the transaction.