VBR Labs Solutions and Services

VBRLabs is offering custom solutions for any use case or scenario.

Services/Products Cloud/On-Premises Technologies Description Pricing Quotes
Web Development View More Both Python, ReactJS, PHP

Websites or Web Applications, including REST APIs

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Software Development View More Learn More On-Premises Python, Java, Rust

Automation solutions deployed in multi-platform Apps (Windows, Linux)

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Hosting View More Cloud LXC Containers and Virtual Machines

Offering from simple website hosting, to highly scalable, complex data storage cloud solutions

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Watson, Monitoring Agent View More Both NodeJS, jQuery

Remote management of the device, with complex functionalities, and ability of viewing up to 50 devices in the same time

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VirtualTunnel for Workstations & Desktops View More On-Premises IPMI

Embedded server management technology for out-of-band management facilities

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Fawkes Diskless Boot View More On-Premises ISCSI, PXE, iPXE

Desktops, workstations or laptops will be able to use ISCSI diskless boot, to natively boot OS from a central storage

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