Watson, Monitoring Agent

Remote management of the device, with complex functionalities, and ability of viewing up to 50 devices in the same time

Watson is a web application, based on MeshCentral open source software, and it is useful for remote access and monitoring.

It can be used both as a method of accessing work computers from home or for monitoring the desktops of employees. Watson requires a client to be installed on the target PC which can then be accessed from anywhere using the web interface.

It is very well scalable, and it also supports 50 monitors to be viewed at once in the we platform.

However, Watson currently lacks audio support.

Nevertheless, It can be used in numerous scenarios, such as IT Support, Administrator Monitoring over Devices, or Quality Control Monitoring over Agents (for Customer Support mostly).


Best for small business, freelancers and home labers.

8.99 $
Per active user/monthly Save 10% on annually

    Up to 10 simultaneous sessions, unlimited client devices that can be added.


Great for larger companies with higher demand.

15.99 $
Per active user/monthly Save 10% on annually

    It supports up to 25 simultaneous sessions, with unlimited number of client devices.

Unlimited Power

Designed for organizations that need a large number of concurrent sessions

35.99 $
Per active user/monthly Save 10% on annually

    This package offers a standard of 50 simultaneous connections, but it can be scaled up, in a custom manner, depending of each user needs.

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