Veelancing is our brand-new concept aiming to change the way the freelancing modus operandi is built from the ground up. Veelancing started with the idea that experts do best when allowed room to excel and 3 passionate people that decided to do something to implement the changes we envisioned. Together with our partners and collaborators, we have spent the better part of two years shaping a vague idea into what we hope will be the start of permanent change.
Since then, we have created and are continuously improving a platform where freelancers can pick and choose from a smorgasbord of jobs that mesh perfectly with their skillsets, and individuals and companies alike can hire the aforementioned skillset. Once you register for free, start building your profile by adding your skills, experience, education. Set your hourly or daily rate, put on a tie (yes, we know you received a few last Christmas) or whatever lets you express yourself the best. Once you’ve taken your new profile picture, start doing what you know best. As is obviously expected of any respectable company, all of your data is stored safely, and you are in full control of it, at any given time. Building a transparent community where everyone can contribute and collaborate, we’ve implemented Blockchain technology in as many aspects as possible. Blockchain is the foundation of our company for multiple reasons. First of all, it keeps cryptocurrency payments instant, secure and with no fees. For fiat transactions however, all payments are made within 48 hours and with the smallest fee on the market – namely 3%. Using technology popularized by Ethereum, Veelancing has implemented smart contracts in order to avoid misunderstandings and other issues. Upon reaching out to a freelancer, the client and freelancer can discuss the terms of the contract in a chat window. Once they are in perfect agreement, they will sign a smart contract containing the information they discussed. Once all of the criteria are checked off the list, within the time frame discussed beforehand, the money will be released and both parties can walk away fully satisfied. Last but not least, we use Blockchain in order to track the progress of the aforementioned project in real time. Using an ever-increasing library of files, we compare the approximate size of the project being worked on with other similar projects, in order to estimate the amount of time left until the completion of the project. We measure this by word count, file size, compression, number of assets and so on and so forth. It stands to reason that the actual content of the files is anonymous to anyone except the involved parties. Where are we now? Veelancing is currently sorting out the last kinks and adding a few final touches. However, we’ll be launching soon, so keep an eye out for our ICO sale!