Watson Watson is our incredibly lightweight and unobtrusive tool made for remote access to any device on your network. Whether you’re running Microsoft Windows, MacOS or Linux workstations, Watson provides you with a dependable and highly scalable tool for controlling other devices remotely. Our service is built on open source Meshcentral software and has the big advantage of being run server side, eliminating the need for proprietary software and keeping all computers in sync. All you have to do is run a file downloaded onto the target PC once. After that, you can access it at any time from your browser. Watson can be used in order to remotely terminate processes and get them up and running again. You can also shut down workstations in case a coworker left his workstation running all night, or assist the same colleague with his technical issues during the day. Did you leave a few lines of key code on your workstation at the office and are flying out to show it off the next morning? Catch a few hours of sleep knowing you can simply retrieve it from the office form your hotel room once you’ve checked in. Back at the office, your colleagues in the Quality Assurance department can also be using Watson to keep work up to the high standards that represent your flourishing company. Being a highly scalable web-based application, Watson can help you keep your network of up to 50 PCs humming along smoothly and securely. Secured by 2 Factor Authentication using a myriad of third party solutions such as Google Authenticator and even physical access keys, Watson provides unobtrusive access to nobody but you. At affordable prices.
Starting from the price of a quick lunch, we have many different tiers, in order to allow you to secure the perfect deal for your business regardless of size. Watson can be used for anything. Whether you’re just looking for a tool to allow you to fix your friends PC from home or a tool to control your entire local network, we’ve got you covered. Built as lightweight as possible in order to prevent latency in case of an issue that needs to be corrected with speed, such as those pesky menus that close by themselves, we realized we could do more. After a bit more fine-tuning to ensure it can even run swiftly on less than ideal network conditions, Watson offers you complete and lightning fast access even when you’re faced with the dreaded two signal bars at the coffee shop you stopped at to get a crucial bit of work done. Perfect for anybody in charge of a network or looking to keep business up to their high standards, Watson is for you. With audio support soon to follow, Watson ensures you will never be left out of the loop no matter where you are. Use it to keep productivity to a maximum from anywhere in our ever increasingly connected world. Contact us for a quote!