Growing technology together

VBRLabs offers high quality software solutions and IT services.
We have both open source and paid projects, but the main focus is to make everything easier for all the people

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Explore our comprehensive list of services designed to keep your operations running smoothly. Our suite of online services includes ILO for servers, workstations and desktops. Now you can power off and on remotely at the drop of a hat. If you need somebody to create content for your website, or even the website itself, get in touch with us for an estimate and we’ll get back to you in no time. We also offer security auditing and many other services; Contact us for the full list.

Veelancing is a grassroots freelancing website dedicated to professionals worldwide and relationships built on trust. Harnessing the power of blockchain, we’ve made the first platform offering instant transfers, smart contracts and more. Create an account and enjoy being your own boss with minimum interference or find the best person to bring your project to life. Enjoy freedom and trustworthy business partners with no drawbacks! Launching soon in a home office near you.

Watson is our remote access tool developed to help IT professionals and site administrators easily streamline their company’s operations from wherever they are. Based on open source Meshcentral technology, hosted server side and at affordable rates for every subscription tier, Watson is both unobtrusive and powerful. Execute and terminate processes remotely, power off that PC consuming electricity overnight, solve technical issues and perform audits all while sipping your morning coffee.

Oriented on long-term solutions

VBRLabs is offering custom solutions for any use case or scenario

  • Marketplace for Freelancers on Blockchain
  • PXE Server for Ethernet & WiFi
  • Envoy Reverse Proxy API Interface
  • ILO for Workstations & Desktops

More features

Explore even more upcoming features that VBRLabs is offering.

  • VBRLabs Wiki
  • VBRLabs API
  • VBRLabs Cloud
  • Cyber Security & Audit